Jan. 20: Chapter 1 Living in the Present

Jan. 27: Chapter 2 Joy

Feb. 3 Chapter 3 Suffering

Feb. 10 Chapter 4 Conversion

Feb. 17 Chapter 5 Disciplined Living

Feb. 24 Chapter 6 The Spiritual Life

March 3 Chapter 7 Prayer

March 10 Chapter 8 Compassion

March 17 Chapter 9 Family

March 24 Chapter 10 Relationships

March 31 Chapter 11 Who We Are

It’s my prayer that this is a transformation journey rather than a race to get to the last page. The chapters are relatively short. It’s suggested to take time to not only read, but reflect. Like buying new clothing, “try on” the new insights from each weeks readings. See how these ideas affect everyday life! Experience how each new week builds upon the previous week!

Each week, new post’s discussions will begin Sunday @ 8:00 PM!