Endeavor Presbyterian Church was founded in 1888. Endeavor, in the heart of the National Forest in NW Pennsylvania, was a company town founded around a sawmill. Wheeler and Duesenberry began what has become the oldest, still operating mill in the state. In it’s earliest days, Mrs. Wheeler felt the town needed a better connection with God. She began an “Endeavor” to bring the community and God into relationship. This started with a Bible Study above the company store. Since 2017, our congregation has grown from the Faithful Five to about 50 community members who consider this their “home church” in early 2019. Prison workers, Health Care, Bartenders and Waiters, people employed through the Timber and Sawmill industry… in short, common people make up our congregation. It’s been noticed that several cannot attend every Sunday because of swing shifts and modern schedules. This online Book Study/Bible Study is originated as we try once more to bring community and God into relationship!

The following is a link to an article about how we accomplished the first running water and restroom in this church’s 120 year history in 2018!


I am Roger Snyder, one of two lay pastors at Endeavor Presbyterian Church. In some respects, I feel like my life resembles the parable of the Prodigal Son. In gratitude to God’s mercy, I earnestly try, to extend God’s love.

I enjoy family, my Spiritual family, cooking, music and racing BMX with my Grandchildren!

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Feel free to contact me at rogerzsnyder@gmail.com