Ok! It’ll soon be a new year and that is always a good time for fresh starts. This insightful book, Here and Now: Living In The Spirit, by Henri Nouwen, will lead us on a path of discovery and growth.

With God’s grace, we’ll begin this group study on January 20,2019! This should give everybody interested in participating a chance to get a copy of the book! Use the link below or go through your favorite book store to obtain a copy.

After reading the chapter for the week, please consider the material… and then feel free to discuss through the drop down windows for further conversations. A new “thread” or discussion will begin with each chapter. Simply read the chapter, reflect, come to this web page and enjoy or enter the conversations!

Consider these topics for reflection and discussion:

Who are the people…  and/or God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, etc. involved in this chapter?

What action/actions is/are being discussed?

Is there one topic that stands out louder to my situation today?

Have I seen this topic in my Bible reading?

How does all of this look in our rear-view mirror? Where was God during this? Where was I during all of this?

How is my day to day life being discussed through this topic?

How will this new insight affect my future? How can this help transform me to be where God wants me to be? What small steps can I begin taking to move further ahead today and tomorrow? In other words, how is what I’m learning… become reality in a helpful way?

Finally, Pray, pray, pray… and take time to listen as possible!

Of course, not all of these questions will apply to each chapter, but they are a starting point to further our growth and understanding in His Kingdom!

Please obtain a copy. Here is an Amazon link as one place you may purchase this book digitally (ie Kindle), Soft Cover, Hard Cover or Audio.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Roger Snyder


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